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Ask the Greek God of Style and laugh along with Gigi’s answers.

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Ask the Greek God of Style (Vol. 26): Vacation Footwear

Andy Ingram

Q: Dear Greek God of Style,

I am packing for a 10-day Greek Vacation and I am only going to have room to take one pair of shoes. Have I sinned?

Phil from Portland

A: Dear Sir Knight,

Ask yourself this question; Do I require a quick escape or will I be brave enough to immerse myself in the majesty of the "Cradle of Civilization"?

If you require a quick escape then I suggest New Balance sneakers coupled with stretchy-waist Walmart jeans and a fanny pack. You may as well stay home in that case.

Immersion requires a level of nuanced sophistication to take you from day to evening, that shouts “I am here to live.” In that case, simple leather sandals are all that are necessary to form the perfect ensemble for your open button-down shirt and Speedo.

Now I suspect you are apprehensive about such a display of confidence but rest assured there is no choice.

You will want your skin bathed in Mediterranean light, kissed by Zeus himself. As a sacrifice to his glory you must be prepared to present your offering with minimal coverage. And in his service there is no shame of others as you are doing unto him rather than you.

So proudly and boldly step into the healing light to singe away winter’s hidden treasures and proudly yield your softness to the steely photonic girding as required.

By happenstance, to your reward, I too will spend holiday on the sandy shores of the Aegean. I will find you there and as a zealot of Olympus will execute the vision to please the jealous deity. If I see you there with flip flops and board shorts you will swiftly be converted into a naturalista. There are two ways to serve . . . passionately or by force . . . and I am in no mood to wrestle!

Ask the Greek God of Style (Vol. 25): The Stars and Stripes

Andy Ingram

Q: Dear Greek God of Style,

I know you are not an advocate of under garments, but in your wise and just judgement, when one owns a sweet pair of stars and stripes underwear, is it socially acceptable to wear them on our great Independence Day without accompaniment?

Sincerely and vulnerably, Henry from Harrisburg

A: Hi Hank.

Are you secretly patriotic? This is not a question of my judgment, rather your conviction that you are using me to enable.

I am a universal patriot and I give no credence to the restrictions with which you shackle yourself. Therefore, in all things, I am uninhibited and unencumbered. I am free!

For you and your girdled loins, no one needs to see your stars nor your stripes. Keep that cornucopia secured and your representative republic tucked.

Ask the Greek God of Style (Vol. 24): Merciful or Vengeful?

Andy Ingram

Q: Dear Greek God of Style,

My life has changed since I found your blog. I need to know though, are you a merciful God or a vengeful God? And with such a vast and all-encompassing fashion sense, I just want to ask you question after question. So how much are you wanting to influence my style choices? How much fashion advice are you wanting to give? Should I consult you daily on my outfit options, like if it’s a bad choice to wear underwear that doesn’t match my socks? Or do you just want to be involved in the big decisions, like for weddings and graduations and office parties? I just need to know how much you want to be involved in my life.

Immanuel from Kaliningrad

A: Oh Dear, in someways I suppose you think I should be flattered by you- praising me as a god, confidant, personal whatever to you. But alas, I don't care what your needs are! I don't find satisfaction in your happiness nor am I even connected to it or you. Being involved in your daily life is not even possible within the realm of which I exist so I don't really even understand the question.

Though the "Fashion Force" is indeed a real force that can traverse Epochs and space-time manifolds to eventually exert itself upon you and through you. There is a fine fashion line that you walk between utter destruction and perfect balance as if orbiting at the edge of black holes event horizon. This Fashion Force is one that moves through you when you reach out with your feelings.

It leads you! Don't fight it!

You are now like a fish swimming in a stream orthogonal to its flow. Reach out with your fashion feelings and allow the Force of the flow to gently turn you into a parallel position of balance and harmony. The Force exists because I exist. Exhale!

And that first bit of Fashion Force exerting on you is to correct the fallacy of your matching underwear and socks. The fact that you're considering wearing both of the constraining undergarments of which you speak, bellows anthems of misunderstanding and misguided Philistine choices.

Do this. Close your eyes . . . concentrate on your breath . . . reach out in fashion faith. As the Force starts to guide you, let it move you and move with you and move through you. Interpret what it is saying and find balance by removing unwanted restrictive garments and loosening buttons to realistic and socially acceptable levels.

Follow and you will someday find yourself clothed in nothing but flowing white linen.


Feel the wind leaving your body.

Go in peace, not in fleece!

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Ask the Greek God of Style (Vol. 23): The Awkward Stage

Andy Ingram

Q: Dear Greek God of Style,

I may be your biggest fan. I have your picture blown up and postered on my ceiling. I collect all your fashion columns. But it's not physical at all. I just really respect your wisdom and intellect. I am curious though, as I imagine your other fans are as well. Being that you are such a complete example of masculinity and fashion, did the Greek God of Style ever have an awkward phase before you became who we know you to be now? Did you ever wear Zubuz? Did you experiment in college?

Aleesa from La Jolla

A: Dear Aleesa,

You pose a very interesting question and one that has not graced the annals of this long history of wisdom.

So, an awkward stage? In short, no and I don't really know what you mean by awkward. It has long been said that men get better with age. True! But I would describe it as a refinement from the wilds of youth.

Sure, there is ultra blonde hair that comes in to accessorize the Mediterranean scruff. The fitted raw denim gives way to a more free, lassiez-faire look. A look that says "I prefer bikinis and speedos on the beach" rather than lumbersexual autumns. Boatneck, head back, off the shoulder with collarbones alight in linens of white. Ahem! Clearly I am thinking of something else.

I digress.

There were days when overalls were the denim of choice. There were road trips to find the perfect shoes. There were burnt umber thrift store corduroys. There were French military mid-thigh jackets. Horizontal stripes worked back then. There were long sideburns and Caesar cuts. Big belt buckles and the perfect flannel with deconstructed sleeves. There was quite a bit of leather. Chain wallets and pins. Jordan Catalano finesse. Secondhand blazers with augmenting wool cuffs. The soul patch. But awkward? Never!

Earlier, you say? Coming into manhood is not easy, I'm told. This man body was sculpted and crafted as if honed from marble, bit by bit, with photo documentation as proof. Pictures though that are not available for general consumption.

Birthed as a boy, metamorphosed into a man. I'm sure some transitional forms were not as desirable as others, but how do you truly grade fine wine? Splendid at first taste in the early years-sweetness and spice. Divine with age. Pure satin on your tongue.

Ask the Greek God of Style (Vol. 22): A Romper in the Hay

Andy Ingram

Q: Dear Greek God of Style,

I am thinking of buying one of those new shirt/ short combos for men. I think it will show off my package very nicely. Plus my absolute machoism needs a touch of feminism. Do you ever wear a romper?

Sincerely, Parker Baggerly from the Bronx

A: My Dear Mr. Baggerly,

Since we are on summer's doorstep, I welcome your question concerning "rompers". Unfortunately your choice of words suggests your have no experience in dressing yourself in anything other than perforated basketball shorts, tank tops, and slippers with socks. The term "romper" is used for children's play clothes, which contradicts the machismo you'd like to convey to potential admirers.

I have had significant experience in adorning my body in efficient summer combo-couture and I'll share some tips with you. First, let's describe the options.

The shirt/short combo-couture offers a classic lassaiz-faire leisure look for any beach getaway. Models cover the gambit from Nero collars, to no-button full-chest tuxedo cuts, to button-ups with collars for all of you who are shy, to belted and elastic-banded, to bear cut for the plus-size man (look into this cut). As for the bottom half, designs vary from boardshort (look into this as well), to mid-thigh, to nick-the-Greek, to whale tale, aka "Two Moons over Miami.

This fashion expression is typically considered advanced in technique and methodology. I write about this in "Modern Machismo Monthly" and this expression is not to be attempted lightly. A high level of confidence in one's body is necessary to achieve the desired effect and not look like a Phys. Ed. teacher (the worst bastardization of this garment). Commitment and sacrifice is warranted here so if you can't commit don't read on . . . just quit!

My preference is the tuxedo-cut with below the navel button. I like to coif my chest hair to balance the tension from wide shoulder to "trail of dreams". Sometimes bare, sometimes brushed and styled with high gloss ointments for added glisten. I prefer to pop the collar to further enhance the V-ness of my broad latissimus dorsi. My waistline is typically secured with a light calfskin bridle blonde belt that moves effortlessly from day to evening. For the short pants, I have no choice but the mid-thigh. Anything shorter could cause an unplanned reveal akin to a fighter pilot ejecting a burning hulk with impressive effect.

For the beach I prefer the whale tail for ease of movement. For accessories a silk scarf around my tanned neck is usually called for as well as a oversize square-frame rhinestone sunglasses from Gucci which are single use. For crowning, an aptly named Cokk, UK fedora or Lover ball cap cements the look.

Does this paint a glorious mental image for you yet Parker?

I can't stress the importance of confidence. I'm not sure you're there yet Parker so try the hipster gingham and salmon shorts for now.

Ask the Greek God of Style (Vol. 21): How Tight is Too Tight?

Andy Ingram

Q: Dear Greek God of Style,

I like to wear my denim tight, mainly because I like how they hold things in place. When is tight too tight though? And how much pain should I expect good and proper fashion to require?


A: Dear Pat,

Since you didn't sign your letter I'll use this gender-neutral identifier. Denim, as you know, is a very nuanced and precious topic for me so we'll need to delve into the psychology of the issue - mainly by discussing my experiences.

On the subject of fit, I like to choose a raw denim that is, at first, snug. However, that denim, like a wild mustang in the hands of a master, will yield to my will. Eventually the rider and steed become one; the rider provides gentle guidance, the steed yielding extenuating results. There is a euphoria in that moment of symbiotic perfection.

Now Pat, that is the essence of denim. So you must forgive my immediate brush off of your ridiculous question of "hold things in place" and "tight enough".

I will make two assumptions in this reply. First, that you are a man and second that you are a woman.

In my travels I've seen varying styles of denim on men and man-boys. The typical man is wearing relaxed fit, ass-out, coin-slot revealing jeans from the local Wrangler retailer. Others I've seen are man-boys who cannot get past their poser-skater-youth fantasies and wear stretch, roll-on-like-pantyhose jeans, again with ass-out, coin-slot reveal. Dreadful! If you are indeed a man, you have risen above this cacophony of crazy and can show a bit of taste.

For you, the man, there is pain in the denim commitment! What relationship doesn't have pain?

Pain can lead to recovery intimacy, no? A bit of numbness is essential during the break-in process. This typically occurs in the thigh area. However, if you find numbness in the crotch area, be careful!

There is a delicate balance between break-in and breaking. So self regulate. Wait for "the tingle" then unbutton (button-fly assumed) for recovery. Also, it's imperative to relieve stressed positions by rearrangement- one day left, one day right. Center is never an option- for me at least.

If you are a woman, Pat, the narrative changes. If you like the support, then so do I.

Tailored ankles lead to tight calfs, which points to an hourglass base, reaching the crescendo of hips and assets. Nothing can spoil this more than pocket position and size. The pocket position should accentuate your actual hip angle, not necessarily your hoped for angle. The pocket size should be in proportion to your size . . . tiny pockets on on a large field aren't doing you or me any favors. You've done all this great work and picked the perfect denim for you. Now is not the time to wear a safety net over them. You've been bold, now own it!

Fashion requires suffering so suffer for my sake!

Ask the Greek God of Style (Vol. 20): Sweaty Pants

Andy Ingram

Q: Dear Greek God of Style,

For many years sweat pants were ridiculed in the fashion world yet they seem to be making a comeback. What’s your opinion on this staple of American fashion? I find them really comfortable.

Ed from Everett

A: Dear Sweaty Eddie,

I have been asked this question numerous times whilst offering sound advice on relevant fashion topics. I see this trip into the fashion ditch is not going away anytime soon, so I'll respond, albeit briefly.

In your question, you reveal the deeper underlying polemic of why you are sweating.

Is your sweat due to physical exertion as you train to maintain your athletic prowess? Have you taken your cue from me and expended countless calories from endless weekend lovemaking? Or is it that the bespoke, single stitch denim trousers you've coveted for so long have slipped through your fingers again as you collect the remnants of your disappointment from between the folds of your belly?

I dare to suspect the latter. I'm sorry that your weakness has been exposed by truth.

Now I (pay close attention) prefer an athletic cut jersey trouser- tapered leg with gathered ankle (see note), worn alone. Please refer to the second question above as to the reasons for donning such garb. I believe that this cut provides the most post-coital freedom for active recovery as the evening transitions to dawn.

However, beware! You may think that a quick trip to the cafe for a hot beverage is now in order to surprise your love. Indeed it is not due to the reaction of the cool morning air intersecting with your manhood in recovery mode. You will again disappoint, not only you but those lovely cafe baristas whose eyes track below your elastic waistband and turn away, not in surprise, but in regret.

*Note: As an aside to those of Hellenic origin. You may think that the gathered ankle is a clean termination to the end of a long muscular leg - indeed there is validity to that. However there is purpose there as well. This critical purpose is to stave off revma which has a potential of derailing amorous encounters if not managed actively.

So Eddie, just because you can doesn't mean you should when it comes to "sweat pants". Ignore your Facebook feed, move your body to justify your moistness, and work backwards from the list of questions to give yourself a reason to dress this way.

Ask the Greek God of Style (Vol. 19): The Halloween Costume

Andy Ingram

Q: Dear Greek God of Style,

What kind of costume do you recommend I wear to my upcoming Halloween office party?

Bert from Brooklyn

A: Dear Office Offender,

Office parties can be difficult to navigate when it comes to Halloween attire. Does one choose the spicy vixen, the Donald Trump reach-around-groper, the superhero complete with external underwear? So many choices and so many potential human resource snares and pitfalls!

Politically you also need to ask yourself what message you want to send . . . not just for that day at work, rather the day after. Take my recommendation, you should put googly eyes on your eyelids and take a nap in your cubicle lest you offend those around you with a wardrobe malfunction.

Now, since you didn't ask (but I know you wanted to) I'll let you know my costume.

As you would expect, I don't participate in such trivialities as "work" and "Halloween parties". How dreadful! The costume I speak of is my daily lounge wear. Nothing goes better with a well-tanned body than white. A high thread count, Egyptian cotton garment will suffice. Loosely wrapped around my midsection and allowed to gently fall just below my waist provides the perfect framing of the Hellenic V.

That's right, grab the towel and wipe your mouth. I may show up at your work place, Offender. Inevitably, your company's stock price will rise . . .

Ask the Greek God of Style (Vol. 14): The Sock Enthusiast

Andy Ingram

Q: Dear Greek God of Style, What do you think about socks? Specifically my socks? Would you want to come over and see my sock drawers? I have three drawers full of socks. I have blue socks, striped socks, polka dot socks, red, black, and teal socks, argyle socks, pink socks, chevron socks. So many socks. I am free on Tuesdays. And I know you are too. - Timmy in Tulsa

A: Dear Stocking Stalker, Contrary to popular belief, I do not make time for house calls, unless there is a damsel in fashion distress or unless a fashion intervention is warranted. On the topic of intervention, desperation comes in many forms (see the Dateless in Dayton articles).

The discussion of your socks is a bit disturbing to me. These "wrappers of rot" do not need further attention on my part. If you have studied previous volumes of my column, you would know that socks for me are typically never worn.

Therefore the chaff you're spreading about your collection has me wondering about how you present yourself to the world. Is this your fashion flair, hiding behind a cloak of poorly crafted denim? Cargo pants, no doubt. I can imagine there are bowling shirts in your collection, or screen-printed button-ups! I think I saw you in town strutting with square toe slip-on shoes . . . and gaudily clad ankles.

Let me ask you this, Timmy. If at the end of a long night, after you've hoodwinked a women to "come see your sock collection" and when your loose-fit jeans fall easily to the floor and are subsequently hung on the door handle by their hammer hook, you still have two problems. 1) You're standing there in your uneventful skivvies and 2) There are those socks. Lord help us! Do you plan on keeping those on during business time or will you grace her with your swollen kankles?

I know you've been stalking me Timmy. That's OK. Perhaps scraps of style will grace you from my wake.