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Dayton, OH
United States

Poptek Recs is a simple label with big pop songs.

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Okay Lindon

What is a pop music record label executive to do when a rock artist says he has always wanted to make a reggae record? When that songwriter has written absolute gems like “Table Talk” and “I Don’t Wanna Jam With You” over four brilliant full-lengths, then you let Dustin Smith do whatever he wants. “Participation” is the realization of a dream from Okay Lindon’s principal songwriter. Accompanied by the sweet voice and violin of Erica Beimesche, the subtle but complicated drumming of Jordan Elam, and the percussive keyboards of Andrew McEwen, this version of Okay Lindon is nothing of what you expect but everything that you want from a reggae record. “Participation” is beautiful, political, melodic, honest, and in control.

Poptek is proud to release “Participation” from Okay Lindon on July 12, 2019.

OKAY LINDON/ Dustin Smith- vocals, guitars, bass. Erica Beimesche- vocals, violin. Jordan Elam- drums. Andrew McEwen- keyboards.