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Dayton, OH
United States

Poptek Recs is a simple label with big pop songs.

Tour and Beard Journal (Day 4)

Tour Journal

Tour and Beard Journal (Day 4)

Andy Ingram

I have now reached the point where I can feel the beard taking over. My personality is changing. I have this insatiable desire to grow a jheri curl. It is both confusing and empowering. If you see me during this time, please be careful what you say around me. I am very fragile. So . . . very . . . vulnerable.

I have joked that I would some day run away and change my name to Sven London. Maybe I don't have to run away at all. WIth this beard and new personality, I can just hide in plain sight.

The drive to New York was quite easy. Long, but easy. We got in later Monday and missed any holiday traffic. There was some delay going in to the Holland Tunnel, but I would guess that that is normal. We even found gas for $2.56 on the Jersey Turnpike. That's a New York steal.

Driving in New York has been exhilerating for me. The aggressiveness needed in this town is a temporary amusement. My passengers may have been a bit stressed but I am having fun.

We play Don Pedro in Brooklyn tonight. We dropped by last night just to see the place. There was a Drag Show happening. Yeah, we don't know excatly what Alexander got us in to. Stay tuned. We are expecting a fun turnout though. I was pleasantly suprised on the drive in to find out that Johnny and his awesome girlfriend Alex are in town. They will be at the show. Are hosts Sarah and Brad will be there too. Ian has a bunch of friends who may show. Henry, who treated us to lunch and showed us around at Etsy, issupposed to come. Maybe a few other friends will suprise us. And the bands seem like they will be fun to play with. So I think we are all looking forward to tonight.