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Dayton, OH
United States

Poptek Recs is a simple label with big pop songs.

Tour and Beard Journal (Day 3)

Tour Journal

Tour and Beard Journal (Day 3)

Andy Ingram

I feel so dirty. So very very dirty. I have taken two showers already today, exfoliated my skin, used moisturizer and I still can't get rid of the feeling that there is stuff all over my face. How do the bearded cope with this psychological burden? Can someone answer me before I crack?

The show in Pittsburgh last night was definitely interesting. We played at the Mr. Roboto Project, an all-ages DIY venue that has existed since 1999. That is a huge accomplishment in the DIY scene. It was especially cool to read through their roster of shows. Death Cab for Cutie, Camera Obscura, Ted Leo + the Pharmacists and many other notable bands (mostly punk/ hardcore/ metal) have played there. The atmopshere and size of this place reminded me so much of the memorable but short-lived Dayton Dirt Collective. That was some nice nostalgia.

The interesting part of this show was just that it was one of those shows where most of the people in the crowd were there to play. And two of the bands were metal. I enjoyed talking to the other band members, especially the Michigan guys from Change Is. I just can't identify with metal other than slamming my head in the air to the beat. Curse Words was good and much more in the melodic genre. We dug them and they dug us. So we are grateful for them and their support and for Guage for setting up the show.

So it was a wierd show, kind of what we expected, but the few positive reactions and conversations we had made it worthwhile.

I have been to Pittsburgh many times but just to see a Pirates game. Driving around Pittsburgh helped me to better realize how big of a town it is. This place still reminds me so much of Seattle. That is always a good experience.

So today we have an off-day. We leave in an hour to make the drive to New York City. Time go to get the Jeep ready and cue up that one Jay-Z track I like.