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Dayton, OH
United States

Poptek Recs is a simple label with big pop songs.


Lo-Fi Movement

by Kris N.

KRIS N. declares himself to be "the lo-fi movement" on his first full-length. If that means the pop songs are great, sloppiness has nothing to do with quality, and honesty shines through, well then we have to agree.

Singles like "Mustache Jesus", "Turning 31", "Pollard's Old Drunk Drivers", and "Pick-up Line" would be huge if they just didn't sound like a beat-up AM radio. We couldn't be happier though to release such an obtuse pop record.

Kris Neises- vocals, guitars. Nick Satinover- drums.

All songs by Kris Neises.

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Kris Neises in his bedroom, kitchen, and living room.

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