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Dayton, OH
United States

Poptek Recs is a simple label with big pop songs.

Ask the Greek God of Style (Vol. 6): For the Outdoors

Fashion Watch

Ask the Greek God of Style and laugh along with Gigi’s answers.

Ask the Greek God of Style (Vol. 6): For the Outdoors

Andy Ingram

Q: Dear Greek God of Style, I hear you are an avid fly fisherman. How do you pull off such a rugged activity so fashionably? And what tips can you offer to protect your skin from the harsh elements?

A: What a timely question. Angling is a delicate balance of presenting the bait to the fish as well as yourself to the environment. Just because you are alone doesn't mean you get to be a slob.

Choose wisely, starting at the feet with a well broken-in pair of lace-up boots with a minimum of ten eyelets. Bathe your legs in a nice bit of Japanese selvage denim worthy of your endeavor. Your choice of shirt should allow sufficient movement without a "cut for beer gut" look. Try for vintage Levi's if you dare. That's a favorite. And finally a vest always completes the look.

Now you are ready. And remember that you never know when you are going to be on camera.

As for your other question, I have no answer. My skin adequately moisturizes itself just enough to maintain a rugged look. Good luck keeping up!