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Poptek Recs is a simple label with big pop songs.

A Eulogy for THE FLORALS.



A Eulogy for THE FLORALS.

Andy Ingram

Here is the eulogy I was honored to write and share during THE FLORALS' release party last night. Brenna and Alex were great friends and I will greatly miss them. For all of us in mourning, I hope these words bring comfort and hope. - Andy Ingram

"Thank you everyone for being here as we remember and celebrate The Florals. To the parents of the departing, to the Myers family, you have my sincerest condolences. I know this time has to be very difficult and confusing for you. To the Scaglia family . . . why isn't is the Scaglia family here? Did Alex forget to tell them he was playing?

To their friends, thank you for supporting them the way you did. We really appreciate your money.

To their enemies- screw you!

This show was meant to be their grand finale. The last celebration. Their going out party. In typical Florals fashion, they also booked a show in Dayton a week before. And they have another show in July in Northridge. It has been a slow death, one which has understandably been even harder for all of us, I know. It is in these times that us as friends and family need to bind together in love and support for each other. We will make it through the pain.

As the CEO, CFO, A&R, and parole officer for Poptek Records, I’ve been asked to say a few words about our shared friends, The Florals, and I consider this a great privilege.

In the four years of their existence, before they were horribly torn apart by distance and miscommunication, The Florals made a monumental mark on us all. I think that is undeniable if you listen and give their music a chance.

And to me the importance and the mark they made is greater due to their lack of privilege. See, they were not born a Lennon or a Smith, They were not born a Dylan. They weren’t born out of Florence’s Machine. They were born a Myers and a Scalgia.

As great as the Myers and Scaglia families are, Brenna and Alex had to work for their art. They were not given an easy road to musical stardom. They had to create because they honestly desired to. Essentially, their music was true.

So judge their music void of big studio budgets, or void of labels who knew what they are doing, or void of big name producers and flamboyant celebrity.

Look at their music in the light of honesty. There you will see and hear strong melodies, classic structure, and creative playing. You will see how brilliant and important their music is.

I’ll keep it short as I don’t want to beat a dead band.

To The Florals, may their melodies and music live on in our memories, may it be the inspiration that causes us to create objects of beauty, and may their honest art be another reason for us to love the life we live.

It has been an honor to be a part of the story of The Florals. May God bless, protect, and love each and every one of us."

Delivered to a standing ovation on Saturday June 24, 2017

*The Florals live on. Look for new albums from ONCE A PINE (Brenna) and MARY KATE AND TRASHLEY (Alex) later this year.