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Dayton, OH
United States

Poptek Recs is a simple label with big pop songs.

THE 1984 DRAFT is on the clock.



THE 1984 DRAFT is on the clock.

Andy Ingram

From now on, we are going to have a lot of fun throwing around football cliches. But first we want to announce that Dayton's THE 1984 DRAFT has joined Poptek. Their next album "The 1984 Draft Makes Good Choices" is close to being complete and will release on vinyl, disc, and digital in 2018.

So why are we adding a band named a year later than the famous NFL Quarterback Draft Class of 1983? It just make sense in so many ways for Poptek to join forces with THE 1984 DRAFT. First, go listen to their previous release "Heisman Trophy Winner". The songs are messy and gloriously catchy and they love The Replacements. That's such a perfect formula.

Secondly, we very much value friendship and the guys in THE DRAFT have either been longtime friends or recently became such. Principal songwriter Joe Anderl has been writing, recording, and touring for many years. You can't make music in Dayton and not run parallel circles with Joe. And then Joe married Amanda who is the head of Poptek's street team. And before that Joe got Justin Satinover to play drums in THE DRAFT. Justin also plays live guitar with KRIS N. and played with Kris in their first band THROWING ROCKS AT GIRLS. Justin's brother Nick played on the first two KRIS N. albums and collaborated with Neises in HANGOVER, OHIO. Bassist Chip Heck played shows alongside Kris and Justin when Heck was part of SHADYSIDE. And then there is Eli Alban, whose musical history is unknown to us, but who is probably the most melodic and most underappreciated guitarist in Dayton, Ohio.

So all that to say that Poptek is excited to release "The 1984 Draft Makes Good Choices" coming up in 2018.