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Dayton, OH
United States

Poptek Recs is a simple label with big pop songs.

A Zach of Many Colors.

Sonic Melody

A Zach of Many Colors.

Andy Ingram

Tamplynn Family Band closes out Communivale this year at 10:35 PM. Andy asked the always interesting Zach Tamplin some relevant questions.

AI: Zach, you have been the guitarist for William the Accountant since that band's inception but you have played occasional solo shows under the moniker of My Father was a Wanderin' Aramean. What can we expect from Tamplynn Family Band?

ZT: Actually I was the second guitarist of William, but either way Tamplynn Family Band is sort of a natural evolution of "My Father..." In a way you could say "My Father..." is a member of Tamplynn Family Band, if that is not confusing enough! I'm an not really sure of what all we can expect from Tamplynn Family Band but I do know that I want to do a lot of collaboration with other musicians.

AI: I think all your friends would fondly describe you as eccentric. Can I say that without being offensive? What current passion of yours can you describe that may not be considered mainstream?

ZT: Hmmm, and know I am not offended. Maybe the work of V.S. Ramachandran? It really is fascinating.

AI: What is fascinating about V.S. Ramachandran? Who is he?

ZT: He is a neuroscientist out in California, I think. He discovered "mirror neurons", a type of brain cell, and other things concerning how the brain works. Interesting stuff.

AI: Any news with William the Accountant?

ZT: William really pushed himself pretty hard and came to a point he had to step back for a bit. This still holds true, but I don't think you have seen the last of him. In the meantime Tamplynn Family Band will do a cover of "134" this weekend. It will be different but the same. So bring your cow bells.