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Dayton, OH
United States

Poptek Recs is a simple label with big pop songs.

XL427- Thee Attack (Vol. 3): Studio Rage

Recording Journal

XL427- Thee Attack (Vol. 3): Studio Rage

Andy Ingram

Day Three of this recording session was by far the most productive. I avoided making another bloody mess by drumming Quiet Riot-like, with a glove on my left hand. It wasn't exactly Glam Metal cool as it was a winter glove rather than a batting glove. The glove was striped though, so there's still hope of this catching on as a trend.

Finishing the drum tracks for "Sunlight + Water", "Needles", "Stone Washed Jeans", "Ideas", and "The (Surprise) Party" actually happened pretty quickly. I only have drum tracks remaining for "Nasa, Arizona" and "Back Beat". The relatively quick recording process was not without drama. Remember that eternal battle with "The Metronome" that I wrote about yesterday? Well, it broke me. It got to me. The Machine made me snap.

While recording my last song of the day "The (Surprise) Party", I wrongly reacted to the combined pressure of "The Metronome" and another failed take by angrily throwing a drum stick into the floor.

16th beats on the hi-hat are really really difficult, especially while fighting against your avowed enemy.

I know that's not an excuse for my behavior though. So I humbly take this blog posting to ask for your forgiveness and grace. I know what I did was wrong and I take full responsibility. I did have a brain-injury though, remember that? That really screws with a man and causes him to behave in bizarre ways. So maybe I'm only partly responsible. I will take this time to apologize to all those who I have hurt and disappointed.

To the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, I am sorry that my temper has left me unsuitable to mentor anyone.

To the Boy Scouts of America, I am sorry for failing you as a role model.

To the Girl Scouts of America, I am sorry for not buying cookies from that one little girl outside of Krogers. You have to admit that she was putting the guilt-trip on pretty heavy.

To the United Way, I am sorry for that one year I submitted a donation envelope with nothing in it. I won those airline tickets fair and square, so you owe me.

To the American Cancer Society, I am sorry for eating that Pop Tart last week.

To the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, I am sorry that I am broke.

To the National Rifle Association, you scare me.

To the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, what do you really do?

To the United States Food and Drug Administration, I am not apologizing to you, you frauds.

To Greenpeace, I am sorry for never donating to your efforts to preserve the planet. You do have to give me credit for being friendly with your many high-pressure representatives walking the streets of Seattle. Maybe you should change your tactics?

To the Livestrong Foundation, I am sorry about Lance Armstrong.

To Food for the Hungry, I am sorry for letting my debit card bounce all those years back.

To the great people of Greece, I am sorry for making so many economic jokes.

To everyone else in the universe, I am sorry!