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Dayton, OH
United States

Poptek Recs is a simple label with big pop songs.

XL427- Thee Attack (Vol.1): Tweaking the Dials

Recording Journal

XL427- Thee Attack (Vol.1): Tweaking the Dials

Andy Ingram

So today I start recording the next XL427 album. Obviously, I get easily distracted.

My last album was in 2008. I take forever to write my own songs. And as much as I have enjoyed producing and recording the Jill + Micah record, drumming and making a great record with Kris N., making a two great records with L'Albatros and Second Best that no one will ever hear, my previous work drumming with Ruetschle, and my recent daliances into fashion and dating advice, I still have that desire to write and create something soaring and beautiful. That is what a perfect pop song is to me. A heavenly melody.

So I start again on "Thee Attack", what I have so far entitled the XL427 record. I recorded some guide tracks months ago, but then . . . I . . . got distracted. So now I am isolating myself in Our Arsenal, the Poptek recording studio we built at The Last Stand Farm in Yellow Springs, Ohio. This time is to force myself to finish these songs and to say what I want to say.

We call it The Last Stand as it is perfectly situated on a hill, isolated from society, but strategically advantageous for that inevitable day when the Red Cross shows their true, evil intentions by manipulating their international connections and control of the global blood supply into world domination. Not that I am paranoid. The facts are out there. And we at Poptek will be prepared.

In times of desparation, humans act in ways they wouldn't otherwise. I learned that about myself in fighting and recovering from the West Nile Virus and the resulting enciphilits. And I actually hope to replicate that in a way, to remember some of those fears and emotions, as I lock myself away recording this album. Most of the songs came out of that time, a time that challenged me in the worst possible ways but also showed me how tough and faithful and stubborn and loyal I can be. So there will be no running water, no toilets, the bare minumum of electricity, no human conversation. I'll have to sleep under the stars. I may even have to kill something for food. Or learn what leaves are edible. Or order pizza from that over-zealous townie. It's going to be intentionally rough, both in process and in the level of honesty in these songs, but I promise the songs will be catchy.

And now I'll get on to work. Today brings the tedious- channeling in the drum tunings, mic placements, and EQ levels that will make the sound of this recording going forward. I usually get tired of details like these. I'm a big picture dreamer. Yet I choose to let myself get excited today. I mean, I am making music afterall. Free of restrictions, expectations, financial parameters, and any pressure outside of what I put on myself. This is a wonderful place to be in.