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Dayton, OH
United States

Poptek Recs is a simple label with big pop songs.



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Join the Poptek Song Club for a Free Song from JILL & MICAH

Andy Ingram

Join the Poptek Song Club, our free, infrequent email list for a gift to celebrate the debut of JILL & MICAH. "Slowly But Surely" comes out worldwide tomorrow so we are giving away the first single from their album "Grew On Me", but only to those who make up the Poptek Song Club. Join at the bottom of any page on (except the blogs, I know. Sorry).

Jill & Micah Announce Release Date and Shows.

Andy Ingram

We are excited to announce that the debut from JILL & MICAH "Slowly But Surely" is ready for the world to hear. Disc and Digital pre-orders are ready in the Poptek Shop with orders shipping and downloading now. The album will be available worldwide from your favorite digital store on Friday July 22.

"Slowly But Surely" is a mature debut from two meshing and married personalities. It's novel, cute, sardonic, abstract and direct, sweet and sharp, and pleasant sounding all the way through. The duo, Micah with his troubadour-like voice and Jill with her sweet innocence, lead the songs on guitar, banjo, harmonica, and ukulele. The sound is rounded out by a cast of fellow Poptek players. Andy Ingram (XL427, KRIS N.) produced, recorded, and played drums. Brenna Myers (THE FLORALS) mixed, mastered, and played bass. Gigi Palassis (SECOND BEST, XL427) added guitar with an attitude. Alexander Scaglia even added airgan and accordian. Other friends joined in too on piano, glockenspiel, and stomps.

We will have two local release parties for a chance to pick up the album in person. First up is Saturday July 2 in Dayton, Ohio at South Park Tavern. The full band (Andy on drums, Brenna on bass, Gigi on guitar) will be joing the duo. Our friends JETTY BONES and MICHAEL TOMLINSON are also playing. The pluralized JILL & MICAH are also hosting a release party in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday July 30 at Spacebar. More details to come.