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Dayton, OH
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Poptek Recs is a simple label with big pop songs.



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Thank You with a Joke!

Andy Ingram

Thank you to everyone who joined us to experience "the magic of Communivale™" last Saturday. All of you who showed up were friendly and wonderful. The weather was perfect. The food was too. Okay Lindon released a new record. Carriers impressed everyone. April & June's voices were sweet. The Florals, Jill & Micah, Daniel Dye and the Miller Road Band, Get in the Ark, Wise Words, and L'Albatros all sounded great. Oh, and we created a "Space Pillow™"

If you missed it, you especially missed this joke Brenna delivered to kick off the fest:

"Welcome to Communivale, just make sure you pronounce it right. It's Coe-Moo-Ni-Val, like Carninvale. It only becomes Communivale (Coe-moo-ni-vale) once you've had a few drinks!"

Her joke is still hilarious even days later.