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Dayton, OH
United States

Poptek Recs is a simple label with big pop songs.

A Good Year, a New Year!



A Good Year, a New Year!

Andy Ingram

Thank you for all your support and encouragement in the astronomical year of 2018. The world did not end like some feared, though we threw our semi-annual party at The Last Stand Farm that we call Communivale, just in case it did.

We released a rocking great new full-length from The 1984 Draft called "Makes Good Choices". You can stream it here. We love it and others seemed to as well. The vinyl is still on sale in the Poptek Shop if you need that tangible piece of wax and cardboard to enjoy your music. Joe, Eli, Justin, and Chip's hair are planning a new EP in the upcoming year.

We made people sad with the heartbreaking but oh-so-catchy debut of Second Best. And for melancholy people like Christopher Palassis, sad songs are therapy. If you need a free session, you can sing along to that album here.

The prolific Kris N. came out of a an unofficial retirement to bring back his "Song of the Week" series. Catch up here. We are really excited for a yet-to-be-titled Kris N. EP in 2019. The songs are written. Practice has started. Now Kris, Lindsey, Andy and whoever ends up playing guitar just need to press record.

We also have quite a few more releases lined up for 2019.

Okay Lindon is making a reggae record. No, that is not a typo and yes it does sound great. Jordan recorded drums with Isaac Karns at Marble Garden. Dustin is recording the rest of the album now with Erica and Andrew. We predict a Caribbean tour.

Mary-Kate and Trashley is ready to debut with a cuteness and a sound that you can hear just by saying their name. Alexander Scaglia, formerly of The Florals, who also designs under the name WolfBomb, plays everything himself in MK&T. He also recorded at Marble Garden under the control of Mr. Karns.

XL427 is finishing up their longtime-coming second album and it is way spacier than their debut. "Thee, Attack" should suprise some people. Andy takes forever to write and record songs but when he finally settles on something, it's quite good.

Second Best is also working on a new album, though the duo may change their name back to L'Albatros. We'll see.

We also hope to debut Once A Pine, the new band from the super-talented Brenna Myers, formerly of The Florals.

Expect other surprises too, just because we can.