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Dayton, OH
United States

Poptek Recs is a simple label with big pop songs.

JILL + MICAH and the never ending recording session.



JILL + MICAH and the never ending recording session.

Andy Ingram

So a year later, we are still recording JILL + MICAH's debut. I mean we never seem to do anything fast at Poptek and this has not been the exception.

JILL + MICAH have been meeting up when they can at Poptek's Our Arsenal studio. Joined by Andy Ingram producing and Gigi Palassis (guitar), Johnny Callon (bass), and Alexander Scaglia (accordian and organ) contributing their respective instruments, the songs are coming out brilliantly.

Between infrequent opportunities for the duo to make it from Columbus to Yellow Springs, to the 12 songs we laid down that happen to be at least 6 minutes long, to the fact that JILL + MICAH keep writing good songs we want to add to the record, it is taking a while. We'll finish soon though. The bulk of the guitars and vocals for the original 12 are done. Just need to add some more guitar, drums, bass, and piano.