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Dayton, OH
United States

Poptek Recs is a simple label with big pop songs.



It's Record Store Day Every Day!

Andy Ingram

You can now get our two most recent releases, The 1984 Draft "Makes Good Choices" vinyl and the Second Best debut cassette, from a wider range of record stores.

CINCINNATI, OH Everybody's Records Plaid Room Records Shake It Records

COLUMBUS, OH Used Kids Records

DAYTON, OH Omega Music Skeleton Dust Records

SPRINGFIELD, OH Champion City Guide & Supply

YELLOW SPRINGS, OH Toxic Beauty Records

The 1984 Draft "Makes Good Choices" is out now!

Andy Ingram

After a long build-up, today sees the official, worldwide release of The 1984 Draft "Makes Good Choices". You can order the vinyl from us in the Poptek Shop. You can get the digital anywhere you choose, including the major stores we will link below. We even are offering discs. You can get those in the Poptek Shop too.

Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy this album as much as we do.


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Hear all the "Good Choices" at Rebel Noise!

Andy Ingram

The 1984 Draft "Makes Good Choices" finally releases to digital stores and streaming services around the world on Friday August 24. The release show is then on Saturday August 25 in Dayton, Ohio. But now, you can hear the album in its entirety thanks to Rebel Noise. Click through for the prize!

New Noise premieres The 1984 Draft's "Lutheran Heat"

Andy Ingram

Click over to New Noise Magazine as they have premiered the first single from The 1984 Draft "Makes Good Choices" entitled "Lutheran Heat". This is the first in a series of premieres and if you like what you hear, go ahead and pre-order the 12" vinyl which is shipping now ahead of The Draft's release show on August 25.

Make a Good Choice by Pre-Ordering the New 1984 DRAFT Full-Length

Andy Ingram

The new full-length album from THE 1984 DRAFT is on its way back from the printing press in large circles of 12" vinyl beauty. "Makes Good Choices" is available for pre-order now in the Poptek Shop.

We are still putting together details for the release shows, probably coming in August. And the album will also release on disc and digital. But for now, order the vinyl and we will ship it your way as soon as it arrives on our door step.

The album sounds great and we are excited to get it out to music fans everywhere.

Coming in SECOND BEST.

Andy Ingram

The debut EP from SECOND BEST releases today from digital stores and streamers worldwide. The noisey duo is comprised of the voice and guitar antics of physicist and fashion blogger Gigi Palassis (The Greek God of Style) with the drumming of Andy Ingram. The honesty is heartwrenching but the songs are too catchy. Listen to it here: or wherever you usually get your music from.

THE 1984 DRAFT is on the clock.

Andy Ingram

From now on, we are going to have a lot of fun throwing around football cliches. But first we want to announce that Dayton's THE 1984 DRAFT has joined Poptek. Their next album "The 1984 Draft Makes Good Choices" is close to being complete and will release on vinyl, disc, and digital in 2018.

So why are we adding a band named a year later than the famous NFL Quarterback Draft Class of 1983? It just make sense in so many ways for Poptek to join forces with THE 1984 DRAFT. First, go listen to their previous release "Heisman Trophy Winner". The songs are messy and gloriously catchy and they love The Replacements. That's such a perfect formula.

Secondly, we very much value friendship and the guys in THE DRAFT have either been longtime friends or recently became such. Principal songwriter Joe Anderl has been writing, recording, and touring for many years. You can't make music in Dayton and not run parallel circles with Joe. And then Joe married Amanda who is the head of Poptek's street team. And before that Joe got Justin Satinover to play drums in THE DRAFT. Justin also plays live guitar with KRIS N. and played with Kris in their first band THROWING ROCKS AT GIRLS. Justin's brother Nick played on the first two KRIS N. albums and collaborated with Neises in HANGOVER, OHIO. Bassist Chip Heck played shows alongside Kris and Justin when Heck was part of SHADYSIDE. And then there is Eli Alban, whose musical history is unknown to us, but who is probably the most melodic and most underappreciated guitarist in Dayton, Ohio.

So all that to say that Poptek is excited to release "The 1984 Draft Makes Good Choices" coming up in 2018.

A Eulogy for THE FLORALS.

Andy Ingram

Here is the eulogy I was honored to write and share during THE FLORALS' release party last night. Brenna and Alex were great friends and I will greatly miss them. For all of us in mourning, I hope these words bring comfort and hope. - Andy Ingram

"Thank you everyone for being here as we remember and celebrate The Florals. To the parents of the departing, to the Myers family, you have my sincerest condolences. I know this time has to be very difficult and confusing for you. To the Scaglia family . . . why isn't is the Scaglia family here? Did Alex forget to tell them he was playing?

To their friends, thank you for supporting them the way you did. We really appreciate your money.

To their enemies- screw you!

This show was meant to be their grand finale. The last celebration. Their going out party. In typical Florals fashion, they also booked a show in Dayton a week before. And they have another show in July in Northridge. It has been a slow death, one which has understandably been even harder for all of us, I know. It is in these times that us as friends and family need to bind together in love and support for each other. We will make it through the pain.

As the CEO, CFO, A&R, and parole officer for Poptek Records, I’ve been asked to say a few words about our shared friends, The Florals, and I consider this a great privilege.

In the four years of their existence, before they were horribly torn apart by distance and miscommunication, The Florals made a monumental mark on us all. I think that is undeniable if you listen and give their music a chance.

And to me the importance and the mark they made is greater due to their lack of privilege. See, they were not born a Lennon or a Smith, They were not born a Dylan. They weren’t born out of Florence’s Machine. They were born a Myers and a Scalgia.

As great as the Myers and Scaglia families are, Brenna and Alex had to work for their art. They were not given an easy road to musical stardom. They had to create because they honestly desired to. Essentially, their music was true.

So judge their music void of big studio budgets, or void of labels who knew what they are doing, or void of big name producers and flamboyant celebrity.

Look at their music in the light of honesty. There you will see and hear strong melodies, classic structure, and creative playing. You will see how brilliant and important their music is.

I’ll keep it short as I don’t want to beat a dead band.

To The Florals, may their melodies and music live on in our memories, may it be the inspiration that causes us to create objects of beauty, and may their honest art be another reason for us to love the life we live.

It has been an honor to be a part of the story of The Florals. May God bless, protect, and love each and every one of us."

Delivered to a standing ovation on Saturday June 24, 2017

*The Florals live on. Look for new albums from ONCE A PINE (Brenna) and MARY KATE AND TRASHLEY (Alex) later this year.


Andy Ingram

The new EP from THE FLORALS is out today, "The Florals Are Dead Now". Buy it or stream it from iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Amazon Unlimited, Google Play,, and any other digital retailer you prefer. Unfortunately this marks the end for THE FLORALS, the distance between Springfield and Cincinnati is too great to make work.

They go out with three great pop songs. And watch for the new band ONCE A PINE, featuring more of Brenna's songs, voice, guitar work, and impressive talent.

XL427 plays Not Much More than Awesome Fest

Andy Ingram

Our friend Joe from THE 1984 DRAFT has invited XL427 to play the Not Much More Than Aweome Again Fest. So on Saturday March 4, XL will again play live at The Yellow Cab Tavern in Dayton, Ohio. While the band continue to ready their new album for release, they will be playing as many of those new songs as they can pull-off in a live setting.

Here are the others playing this two-day festival: THE 1984 DRAFT. HEYMARKET RIOT. FORAGE. SMUG BROTHERS. KILL SURF CITY. BLIND RAGE. PRIMITIVES. TENDER MERCY. YARDBOSS. ACTUAL FORM. For further information, keep track on the "Dates" page.

A Valentine's Gift from The Florals

Andy Ingram

The lovable duo, The Florals, have a Valentine's gift for you . . .and it's a new song. Tune in today to 99.5 FM WUDR and Your Tuesday Afternoon Alternative as Dr. J premieres "All I Want" from The Florals' forthcoming debut. The show runs 3-6PM EST. "All I Want" is catchy and sweet and appropriate for all you lovers. And for the rest of us, it's just a good song.

If you can't listen live, check back in to and The Florals' Bandcamp page later today to cash in on that gift.

UPDATE: You can now hear the song in our "Albums" tab in the site menu.

The Greek God of Style comments on your Halloween costume

Andy Ingram

Before you commit to that Halloween office party costume idea, you know, that one that paints you in a different light than your co-workers see you. Or that ill-advised one that shows too much skin. Read up on what the Greek God of Style suggests in the most recent "Ask the Greek God of Style".