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Dayton, OH
United States

Poptek Recs is a simple label with big pop songs.

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The 1984 Draft

Dayton, Ohio's THE 1984 DRAFT, a band who channels American rock sensibilities through a ‘90s tinted punk and indie lens, is set to release the "Makes Good Choices" LP in 2018. The LP was recorded by Pat Himes, whose credits include Ryan Adam's legendary "Heartbreaker" album. The band is recommended for fans of The Replacements, Beach Slang, The Smoking Popes, and Sugar.

For those unfamiliar with THE 1984 DRAFT, or its primary singer/songwriter Joe Anderl, few Ohio-based musicians have enjoyed the opportunity to support as broad and diverse a list of nationally and internationally recognized musicians as Anderl has with his various solo and band endeavors over a 20 year career. To name just a representative sample, he’s supported everyone from indie rock heavies like Beach Slang, Maritime, Maps and Atlases, The New Amsterdams, The Wrens, Murder By Death, and Limbeck, to celebrated songwriters like John Vanderslice, Richard Buckner, party rocker Andrew WK, and even punk and hardcore heavies Ink and Dagger, Off With Their Heads, Everytime I Die and H2O. He’s also toured alongside The Gunshy (Sleep Recordings, Chicago), Adam Torres’ Nostra Nova (Fat Possum, Austin), Tender Mercy (Louisville), as bassist for The Kyle Sowashes (Anyway Records), and vocalist for Waking Kills The Dream (Goodlife Recordings).

The 1984 Draft released their "Heisman Trophy Winner" EP via Gas Daddy Go! (the boutique label of former Guided By Voices drummer Don Thrasher) on November 6, 2015. They were also one of 24 Ohio bands featured on the 10th anniversary Aquabear Legion double vinyl compilation that year.

In 2014, The 1984 Draft released their EP, "Bo Jackson Up The Middle", via We Want Action (84 Nash, She Bears, Tiara). The EPs were recorded at Popside Studio with Micah Carli (former guitarist for Hawthorne Heights), who also took up engineering and mastering duties on the "Heisman Trophy Winner" EP. Their "Bo Jackson Up The Middle" EP saw the light of day in advance of the release of an NFL Network documentary on the actual 1984 NFL Draft, in which the band is featured. NFL Films captured them live in the band’s hometown on January 10, 2014. The documentary aired on April 30, 2014 on the NFL Network and followed print and web features on the band in Sports Illustrated, The Omaha World Herald, New Noise Magazine, and Ghettoblaster Magazine to name a few.

THE 1984 DRAFT/ Joe Anderl- vocals, guitar. Justin Satinover- drums. Eli Alban- guitar. Chip Heck- bass.


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“The 1984 Draft have given me the benefit of introspection with ‘Makes Good Choices.’ Intentions be damned, the beauty of music is the gifts it relinquishes and this album has bestowed on me just such a reward.” Wannabe: The Comic

4 out of 5 Stars Vocals on Top

“Makes Good Choices is bound to become one of the best punk releases of the year” A Diverse Sound

“Ten tracks coming in at about 30 minutes is the perfect for an album of this ilk but it’s still with a hint of sadness that Makes Good Choices is over so soon.” Games, Brains, and a Head-Banging Life

“There are some records that just hit you.  They have a sound that immediately grabs you on the first listen and from that moment on you know you've found something that you are going to love.  That's what happened to me the first time I listened to The 1984 Draft's new album Makes Good Choices.” Oklahoma Lefty

4.5 out of 5 Cameras Ambient Light

“This is some really good stuff, really good!!!” Punk Online UK

“The 1984 Draft's new LP 'Make Good Choices' provides us with that perfect combination of nostalgia and excitement of something new.” Us For Once

“I would like to go as far to say that a band like The 1984 Draft (especially this new record Makes Good Choices) reminds me of the older punk bands that had that "poppy and indie" edge where nobody really knew where to categorize them, so they stuck them in indie or pop-punk genres because the times were so obscure.” The Pop Punk Dad

“If you are fan of elaborate and melodic, also intelligent punkrock, check out this record because you won´t be sorry!” Kraykulla

“‘If it wasn’t for you/ I don’t know if I’d be here right now’.  Stick around guys. The listeners are still here, and ‘Makes Good Choices’ should awaken some who have yet to join the party.” Soundblab

“The storytelling is infectious, the choruses are catchy and the arrangements are quite tasty with enough variety to satisfy even the most critical palate.  This is just an excellent effort by The 1984 Draft as ‘Makes Good Choices’ gets 8.5/10 stars.” Madness to Creation