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Dayton, OH
United States

Poptek Recs is a simple label with big pop songs.

Second Best Press Kit


Second Best.jpg


Physicist, fashion blogger, guitarist and vocalist Gigi Palassis has been playing and writing songs since he was a kid. It's just that he didn't let anyone hear beyond his close family. Upon befriending Poptek's Andy Ingram did Palassis finally begin to share his songs to a wider crowd. Now after stints playing guitar in WAKE UP MORDECAI then XL427 and JILL & MICAH, and the failed existence of L'ALBATROS, Palassis debuts to lead SECOND BEST. The 5-song self-titled debut EP illustrates Palassis' poetic ability to put words to difficulty and moods. SECOND BEST is brutal, but the honesty is wrapped up in the catchy guitar antics of Palassis over top of Ingram driving drumming.

BAND = Gigi Palassis- vocals, guitar. Andy Ingram- drums, background vocals.

LOCATION = Yellow Springs, Ohio

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